Server Downtime

Server went down this morning and we are currently investigating why. The host has been contacted so we should be back online soon.

New server!

Thanks to the donators we are getting a fancy new server! It will take a few hours to set up but after that the site will run better than ever!

Moving the database.

May take a few hours, but I’ll do it as fast as I can. I am moving several gigabytes worth of data and setting up replication.

Network issues.

Our host seems to be having network problems. I can’t do anything atm, not even connect to the server myself to fix it. Waiting for the host to reply to my ticket.

Server maintenance

Server is down pending some reconfiguration. We keep getting spammed by a botnet or malicious individual, so we are adjusting how the server handles this.

New blog!

We have a new blog! It reposts updates to twitter and the website so everyone can see if the site goes down for maintenance or there is some event we need to let people know about!

Its not too pretty just yet but we will get there.